Our story

Where it began

Our journey began in the same position as you! A customer, “we”, as the Thriven team, would buy online, such as yourselves. When we buy online, we understand the headaches involved and the painful process of understanding that the products we buy online these days are not of true quality and have somewhat terrible shipping processes. A group of like-minded individuals came together and discussed these issues the world would face when purchasing online and decided “how we can make it better for you!”.

Whats Next

Our Change

Once we identified these problems when buying online from stores all over the globe, we realised there are a lot of issues and that they should be discussed more within the community. We decided to make a change so our customers can have the full support, help, and reliable information for every product they need and desire. Most importantly, Customer service support is necessary to assist with issues and uncertainty when buying online, which we will implement for our audience and arrange 24/7 support in our store.

Our goal

Our Obligation

Our team want to create a store where our audience can find the relevant information and where they’re able to make a properly informed decision for each product they need and not stress about the quality and lack of knowledge that is available to us online. On our journey, we encountered the issues customers faced with service, now this has been a problem since buying online was introduced, but since then has gradually gotten better but has yet to be perfect. The Thriven team realised that our customers, who we consider before ourselves, need the maximum support they should receive to save time, mistakes and money.

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